Pimp Slap 9

Thoughts of the Guardian publishing my evidence as Greenwald did for Snowden – thoughts of really exposing a national scandal that would reveal the truth to Americans and lead to true educational reform. Continue reading Pimp Slap 9


Pimp Slap 8

I didn’t know how, but I would find a way to make life difficult for those who were perpetuating this scam on the people of our state and maybe even the country. Not only the people but the disabled children who need the highest level of administrative expertise to find ways of enabling them to access otherwise inaccessible curriculums.
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Pimp Slap 7

“I’ll tell you how you’ll know. You’ll know because you see it every day of your life on the job. You’ve discovered that it doesn’t matter what the ed code is. Things are run in a certain way determined by a higher power who doesn’t give a damn about the ed code. And no matter what you do, my friend, nothing will be done – absolutely nothing. The Foundation’s purpose is to destabilize not only Special Education but Public Education in general, so that there will be a regime change and all schools will be privatized. When this happens the Foundation will run education in this country and realize billions in profit.”

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Pimp Slap 6

“No one here is credentialed to do their jobs, right?” he queried with the trained calm unperturbed voice of one who has just been asked to circle the wagons one more time. And there was something else. It was as though he had run into this time and time again like, “I know we are having pizza on a bagel for breakfast again. It’s been breakfast at the last three schools.” Continue reading Pimp Slap 6

Pimp Slap 5

Most of all, I felt badly. I felt that I had done my best to uncover a compliance issue with the administration and that business as usual continued on with seemingly little concern for what I had said. And now that I had even verified that what I had said had a factual basis, I had to continue to sign my name to IEPs that had been doctored up with the advise of a woman illegally involved in what she was doing. And at the same time realizing that not even our superiors were qualified or authorized to approve or disapprove of any of it. What had I gotten myself into? Continue reading Pimp Slap 5